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EQ Curves Library

This page contains links to EQ curves, which are used in Audacity 1.3.12 and on.

You should save them in a sensible place, such as:

  • Win 7
  • Mac
  • Linux

You can add them to your list of EQ curves using 'Import' in the 'Save/Manage curves...' dialog in 'Equalization'.

When you left-click on the links below, some web browsers will display the XML on the web page, which you can then copy and paste. Otherwise, right-click over the link and "save link as" or similar to download.

Default curves

The default curves are here http://audacity.googlecode.com/svn/audacity-src/trunk/presets/EQCurves.xml. If you are looking for these because you have no curves at all then saving them to the 'sensible location' above is fine. If you just want a copy, rename this download or you will overwrite any other curves that you currently have.

EQ Curves for old recordings

These are the 'record' EQ curves from the 1.2 version of Audacity. See also the information at 78rpm playback curves.

Curves proposed on the Forum

See Submit your EQ Curves for some possible curves for consideration.

Creating new curves for the library

All files should be XML that is readable by the 'Save/Manage curves...' dialog in 'Equalization'.

Files should not contain a curve called 'unnamed' , but if they do it's not a disaster.

Files can be created by using the 'Save/Manage curves...' dialog in 'Equalization', using the 'Export' button.

XML files can be saved on this wiki, like 'record' EQ curves