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This page serves as a library of additional EQ curves that can be used in the Equalization effect in current Audacity.

No ability to add curves to Audacity 2.3.3

In Audacity 2.3.3 we split the old Equalization effect into two new effects Filter Curve EQ and Graphic EQ]. It was not possible in 2.3.3 to import EQ curves as we transitioned to the two new effects.

Adding the Curves to Audacity 2.4.0

In Audacity 2.4.0 we added the ability to import EQ curves for either of the two new EQ effects by using the Manage button in the effects.

It is important to note that 2.4.4 requires the format for the imported files to be TXT text files and not XML files, as we used in earlier versions of Audacity with the superseded Equalization effect and as links are provided for on this page.

To facilitate this we have added a special Tool to Audacity: EQ XML to TXT Converter which will convert any XML EQ curve files that you have into the required TXT format for 2.4.0. This Tool is shipped with Audacity but is not enabled by default. You will need to go to the Plug-in Manager where it will be listed in the New section.

Adding the curves

  1. Go to Plug-in Manager and enable EQ XML to TXT Converter
  2. Convert your XML file to a TXT file for use in either Filter Curve EQ effect or Graphic EQ effect (you will need to specify which you require.)
  3. In Filter Curve EQ or Graphic EQ" click the Manage button
  4. From the dropdown menu Import...
  5. select your TXT file and click on Open

Your curve will then be imported and will be ready for use.

Bulb icon You may wish to add the curve as a User Preset so that you can readily recall and reuse it later in Audacity, without having to Import it again.

To do this you can use the Save Preset menu item from the Manage button in the effect dialog.

Available Curves

EQ Curves for old recordings

A number of specialised curves for old recordings can be downloaded from the EQ Curves Library section of our Playback equalization for 78 rpm shellacs and early 33⅓ LPs page. That page also offers tables listing dozens of disc labels with their "turnover bass" and "treble roll-off" values. EQ Curves for Audacity can be generated from those values using the instructions for EQ Curve Generator on that page.

A-Weighted Curve

A-weighting is a commonly used curve defined in the International standard IEC 61672:2003. It was originally developed for measuring low level noise in audio equipment.

Creating new Curves

Curve files can be most easily be created by drawing EQ curves in Filter Curve EQ, then choose Save Preset... from the Manage button.

Similarly slider settings can be saved in Graphic EQ.

Exporting your curves

You may wish to export your curves for use on other computers that you use, or to share with other users.

To do this make the curve active and then use Export... from the Manage button in the EQ effect dialog