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These are some experimental modules at various stages of development that can be enabled/disabled in Audacity.

Module Status
mod-script-pipe In SVN. Works. Has security implications if enabled so beware. Currently shipped with Audacity since 2.3.2 but disabled by default.
mod-null In SVN. Works! Does nothing. It's just to show people how to write a module.
mod-track-panel In SVN. Worked. Unlikely to be developed further as superseded by AU14 Track Panel.
mod-au14-track-panel Missing essential features.
mod-menu-manager Planned. Feasibility of idea prototype made. Likely to happen in two main stages, one which does the job using a text file, the later one with a slick interface for rearranging menus.
mod-theming Planned. Will be a cut down version of mod-au14-track-panel that just handles the theming side.
mod-experimental-effects Planned. Likely route for new noise-removal, equalisation and compressor that have real time preview and multi-threaded/SSE speed ups.


Transport for scripting commands over a named pipe (a special kind of file). All commands and responses are text strings.


Empty module that shows what a module needs to have in it.


Experiment with new kinds of track, including tracks with thresholds.


New track panel demoed at AU14


Planned module to do arbitrary rearrangement of menus.


Planned module to do theming (taking this out of Audacity itself)


Planned module for onward development of possibly risky/buggy new effects experiments. Lets us get them to users sooner.