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These are some experimental modules at various stages of development that can be enabled/disabled in Audacity.

Module Status
mod-script-pipe In SVN. Works. Has security implications if enabled so beware. Currently shipped with Audacity since 2.3.2 but disabled by default.

Transport for scripting commands over a named pipe (a special kind of file). All commands and responses are text strings.

mod-null In SVN. Works! Does nothing. Empty module that shows what a module needs to have in it, just to show people how to write a module.
mod-track-panel In SVN. Worked. Experiment with new kinds of track, including tracks with thresholds.

Unlikely to be developed further as superseded by AU14 Track Panel.

mod-au14-track-panel New track panel demoed at AU14. Missing essential features.
mod-menu-manager Planned. Planned module to do arbitrary rearrangement of menus, feasibility of idea prototype made.

Likely to happen in two main stages, one which does the job using a text file, the later one with a slick interface for rearranging menus.

mod-theming Planned. Will be a cut down version of mod-au14-track-panel that just handles the theming side.
mod-experimental-effects Planned module for onward development of possibly risky/buggy new effects experiments.

Likely route for new noise-removal, equalisation and compressor that have real time preview and multi-threaded/SSE speed ups.