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Audacity aims to be a simple to use but powerful audio editor.
  • We have design guidelines to make the user interface consistent and more discoverable.
  • We have coding standards to improve consistency in how we code.
  • We have a vibrant community beyond the developers who support users, get feedback, test and document Audacity.


This is how we get from ideas to new releases of Audacity
Feature Requests   -->   Proposals   -->   Projects   -->   Releases

We always need more developers!

  • Rather than just post a pull request to our GitHub repo, join our developers' mailing list and introduce yourself! You'll have a far better chance of your proposed changes being adapted and accepted. You don't have to have a pull request already. We're very happy to have lurkers on the list. If you are keen to interact, you are welcome to:
    • tell us about any new or improved features you are working on.
    • tell us if you've hit a bug and are working on it.
    • if you'd like to help with code reviews of GitHub pull requests, tell us.

Topics for Developers

Ideas? Want to Contact Us?

Didn't find what you were looking for? Here are various ways to contact us.