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Audacity aims to be a simple to use but powerful audio editor.
  • We have design guidelines to make the user interface consistent and more discoverable.
  • We have coding standards to improve consistency in how we code.
  • We have a vibrant community beyond the developers who support users, get feedback, test and document Audacity.


This is how we get from ideas to new releases of Audacity
Feature Requests   -->   Proposals   -->   Projects   -->   Releases
  • If you're a programmer, check out the developer guide and subscribe to the audacity-devel mailing list
  • If you are already compiling Audacity, great. If not tell us where our instructions for doing so suck.

We always need more developers!

  • Rather than just post a pull request to our GitHub repo, join our developers' mailing list and introduce yourself! You'll have a far better chance of your proposed changes being adapted and accepted. You don't have to have a pull request already. We're very happy to have lurkers on the list. If you are keen to interact, you are welcome to:

Ideas? Want to Contact Us?

Didn't find what you were looking for? Here are various ways to contact us.