GSoC 2008 - GridSizer Project

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Drag and Drop roughly works for wxWindows and wxSizers. There is a test-application to have a look at the progress status. The code actually is sent

9th June 2008

Issues currently under discussion:

  • It's probably going to be called TableCtrl, since it has qualities of both a sizer and a Window.
  • Use of a global object (or static) for passing start of drag. Is this likely to cause a problem? Needs some investigation.
  • Repaint not taking place when expected.
  • Provision of standard methods such as swapping two items, so that the user of TableCtrl doesn't need to write them himself.
  • Currently using drag-and-drop. Will we be able to get existing Audacity behaviour of swapping tracks without releasing the mouse button?
  • Whether windows within windows within TableCtrl need to have the drag behavior, or just the first level?
  • Behaviour of dragging when within a wxScrolledWindow.