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This dump was generated using the last script version I wrote:
This dump was generated using the last script version I wrote:
* [http://feupload.fe.up.pt/get/2SFdccP8GTsEi5b Manual HTML Static Dump]
* [http://feupload.fe.up.pt/get/2SFdccP8GTsEi5b Manual HTML Static Dump]

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  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. IRC alias: apinto @ FreeNode
  3. Audacityteam forum: apinto


This project is primarily a ‘BugFix Superstar’ application where I commit myself to help Audacity team to fulfill its main objective, reach a stable state for 1.4 release. Being myself an Audacity user as a DJ and producer I propose to create a new simple and useful feature for automatic volume detection during a record session. I will also work on User Interface improvements. To meet community needs I've included on my GSoC project the creation of a solution for problems in generation of the zipped manual.


Here I'll report every relevant development I've done. I will also report relevant adds to devel mailing list.




  • 3 ‘P1 or P2 issues’ fixed.
  • 7 ‘P3 to P5 issues’ fixed.


At least:

  • 6 ‘P1 or P2 issues’ fixed.
  • 16 ‘P3 to P5 issues’ fixed.

Bug Tracker

List of bugs I am or was working on, their description, current status and other relevant information.


  • When found a bug that I can’t fix, write a report about it (how to reproduce, related data/functions, what I’ve done when trying to fix it, and other valuable information).
  • I won’t do Mac only bugs because I have no Mac so I’m not able to test possible fixes.

UI Improvements

Section for UI work

Automatic Volume Feature (Optional)


Recording mode that monitories the input volume for some seconds (e.g. 15 seconds) and automatically adjusts the volume to best-fit the recording sound. As DJ I find myself adjusting the recording level to fit the mixer output volume. An auto-adjust feature would be an helpful add-on for people willing to use Audacity for “fast recording”. This feature will not require big changes, conforming with the main target of getting a stable version for Audacity 1.4 release.

Note: The implementation of this new feature may be replaced by U.I. improvements, bug fixes and/or code optimization work. This would be discussed with the mentor.

Manual Wiki

Section for Manual Wiki work

Preliminary Work



  • Play Bug (P5 on Release Checklist @ wiki)
  • Focus Issue
  • Useless Envelope
  • Deficient Envelope Removal

Found & Reported

  • Import Filter not working on Vista

UI De-Niggling


  • Sliders - Default Value & Precision Improvement

Incomplete / Subject on discussion

  • Precision Mouse Drag for Sliders

Manual Wiki


  • Rebuild of almost entire code of MW2HTML Python script.

Current Dump Status

This dump was generated using the last script version I wrote: