GSoC 2009 Projects

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André Pinto

Bugfixing, help-generation script, auto-volume determination

This project is primarily a ‘BugFix Superstar’ application where I commit myself to help Audacity team to fulfill its main objective, reach a stable state for 1.4 release. Being myself an Audacity user as a DJ and producer I propose to create a new simple and useful feature for automatic volume detection during a record session. I will also work on User Interface improvements. To meet community needs I've included on my GSoC project the creation of a solution for problems in generation of the zipped manual.

Help-file extraction log overlaying a sample help page
  • Mentored by: Martyn Shaw
  • Idea: Adapted from idea on list.
  • Mid Term Spin Off: 3 ‘P1 or P2 issues’ fixed; 7 ‘P3 to P5 issues’ fixed. Script to generate help zip file client side so that release is no longer blocked on help.

Dan Horgan

Bugfixing, scripting and find-notes improvements

Audacity is currently focused on the next stable release, so bug-fixing and tools to aid release are priorities. I intend to:

  • Fix a selection of the problems from the release checklist
  • Further develop the currently experimental scripting support
  • Work towards completing the 'Find Notes' feature by improving the related code

These enhancements should help the project move faster towards the next release and beyond.

mod-script-pipe.dll running a perl script to drive Audacity
  • Mentored by: Michael Chinen
  • Idea: Adapted from idea on list.
  • Mid Term Spin Off: (at least) Windows dll that allows a perl script to control import and export of wav files and apply effects. Problems with dialogs crashing non-GUI thread solved. Several linux-specific bugs solved.

Other Information about the Projects

13th July 2009: Both projects passed the mid term having achieved the mid term goals. This year with a smaller group of students we've not been doing semi-monthly alphas. The need to coordinate changes is less. We are now more focussed on a stable release. As a result the project goals for Dan's project have changed with much more being added into the scripting part - to make it useful in testing and in automated screenshot capture - and the planned substantial changes to track painting code being dropped, partly because of concerns about stability risks as we approach a stable release. Andre's project goals have changed less. The aim is to keep the AV code simple rather than risk a more complex interface that might not be completed in the remaining time.