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During GSoC 2008 we are producing 'Alpha' releases of Audacity on Windows, Linux and Mac on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Notes For GSoC Students

The releases are built off CVS HEAD. Your feature should normally be turned on in CVS HEAD in these releases. Otherwise we can't try it out - nor show that it builds on the three platforms. Before each alpha please post information on what is expected to work and what is not expected to work on your project page and instructions for trying it out.

Alpha Feedback

Edit Hint: Factual corrections to brief summaries are needed.

Alpha 3 (scheduled for 1st July)

  • Feature freeze from midnight 29th June to midnight on 1st July. No new files to be added to Audacity during that time. Only bugfixes agreed by mentors to be checked in.

Alpha 2 (Tagged 15th June)

A bit of a shambles, or a great success, depending on your point of view.

  • The good news: Code from all students is present. It's really very good to have so much progress and code 'integrated' already at this early stage. Well done everyone.
    • LV2: Categorisation is working for built in effects.
    • FFmpeg: ??Not turned on in the tagged build?? Leland and/or Richard please insert brief summary of what already worked by 15th June when it is turned on - I gather there is a lot of functionality already working.
    • On Demand Loading: (Windows) 100Mb file, we get the expected stripy lines, we get summary data being generated in background. 11th hour addition of screen refresh. Problems with wxThreads on Mac lead to reversion to pThreads code and slow updates on Mac ???
    • Sticky Labels: Linking using pointers functional. Able to cut and paste and have labels move. Catastrophic interaction with undo/redo found (on Windows though strangely not on Linux). This has lead to a plan to use positional info rather than pointers going forward.
    • wxDragGridSizer: At the 11th hour compiling and running on Windows too (previously just Linux). On Windows it crashes when swapping cells in the 15's-puzzle (though strangely not on Linux). Problem has been identified and a fix is available for the future. Klotski page and Wave-page are currently display only. Repaint problem on Wave-page is under investigation (low priority).
  • The less good news: We could only tag CVS as there was a last minute build breaker on Linux/Mac. Also a report from Gale (who is keeping an eye on ANSI builds for Win98) that that Windows ANSI build didn't build either.
    • James: Next time round we need to be stricter about the 'cool off period', accept only fixes and not new functionality in the three days before the alpha release. That way we have a hope of sanity checking the different builds rather than try to do it on the day.

Alpha 1 (Tagged 26th May)

This was built at the start of GSoC, a mad scramble to get modular building as the standard way to build (on Windows) prior to formal GSoC kick off. The mod-script-pipe proof of concept of general purpose plug-in now compiles on all three platforms too. Great. We also shifted to wxWidgets 2.8.7 from 2.6.x.