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This page lists project ideas for Google Summer of Code (GSoC). For more information about the program and how to apply, please read Google Summer of Code with Audacity.

Project Ideas

These project ideas are just outlines; we expect you to provide more detail in your project proposal. You may submit multiple proposals (maximum 3). We would pick at most one of them for you to implement.

Waveform Navigator

Mentor: Paul Licameli
Difficulty: ???

Display a small waveform preview inside the scrollbar at the bottom of Audacity's main window. This would give users an indication of where they are in the current project (i.e. which region of project audio is currently displayed in the editor view). Users could potentially highlight a region of the waveform preview to make Audacity navigate and zoom on this region of the project such that it fills the editor view.

Navigation & Zoom

Mentor: ???
Difficulty: ???

Improved methods of navigation and zoom within Audacity's main editor view. These could include the ability to quickly zoom in on clips or regions of the timeline ruler through the use of keyboard shortcuts, context menus, or touch gestures.

More Ideas

Some of the best GSoC projects come from contributors' own ideas. If you have an idea then please discuss it with us first so we can make sure it would be feasible before you go to the effort of writing a proposal. Read Google Summer of Code with Audacity for information.