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This page was used for news and hints to do with Google Summer of Code in 2008.

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Latest news


  • 18th August: Audacity GSoC completes. Four projects successful.


  • 7th July: Mid-term evaluations  begin. All students to submit their evaluation by Monday, 14 July, 19:00 UTC.
  • 1st July: GSoC "Alpha 3" tagged. Considerable progress made in all projects. The new features implemented in this build will be extensively tested and bugs worked out as we approach mid-term evaluations.


  • 15th June: Two-weekly GSoC "Alpha 2" tagged. This is the first of our "GSoC Alphas", which will be built during GSoC on all three platforms on the 1st and 15th of each month. We had some code from all students, significant functionality working and significant problems identified too - exactly what we would hope for at this stage!
  • 13th June: Code from Michael, Johannes and Mark in CVS / under test by mentors. Federico in process of changing jobs, so more mentoring happening collaboratively for that project to help redistribute the workload.
  • 5th June: (or there abouts) Initial GSoC work by Larsl and LRN checked into CVS and built on all three platforms. New page for discussing LV2 Categories added.
  • 1st June: Modular build tagged in CVS and ready for onward development, though no official test build released. Confirmed that we've shifted to wx2.8.7 and that wx2.6.x is no longer supported in CVS HEAD. It's now OK for developers to use functions that are only available in wx2.8.x when developing against CVS HEAD.


  • 26 May: Richard, Leland, Martyn, and Vaughan get us to modular builds as the 'standard'. Official google-start-of-coding date, many students already having done preliminary coding work.
  • 11 May: A new weekly digest of developer news has been started where the highlights of the last seven days on audacity-devel will be posted.
  • 09 May: Did you know from what countries most GSoC applicants and accepted students come from? Answer .
  • 02 May: (or thereabouts). Google Project page  for Audacity now has a location map of our students and mentors!


  • 26 April: Google reminds all accepted students they should be subscribed to the private students mailing list . If you are not yet subscribed, please do so, stating your real name and affiliation to Audacity. There are also forms for Tax and Proof of Enrolment that need to be sent to Google .
  • 25 April: New page on the Wiki from Richard Ash: CVS Etiquette which describes how we commit to and maintain the CVS repository.
  • 21 April: Google announce Audacity's five approved students . Please see our newly added GSoC student guidelines and requirements. Students now start adding their User: and GSoC project pages to the Wiki, linked to from GSoC 2008 Projects‎, (see Wiki Editing below).
  • 8 April: Student applications are closed. We begin ranking applications.


  • 31 March: Google have extended the deadline for student applications by one week. The new deadline is April 7, 5:00 PM PDT / 00:00 UTC April 8, 2008. This is in response to feedback from the GSoC community. The revised GSoC timeline is here . If you have friends who may still be interested in applying, please let them know the new deadline.
  • 27 March: Our GSoC FAQ has been updated with answers to some more common questions potential students have asked.
  • 24 March: Student applications via the Google web app  are open. Please have a look at our template of what we need to know from you (with some hints on how to make that winning proposal)!


audacity-devel mailing list

  • GMail SMTP server: Normally you'll receive a copy of your messages sent to -devel list in your inbox. But a recent bug with the GMail SMTP server means that messages sent from it to yourself, or to a mailing list you're subscribing to, won't appear as received mail in the web interface. Also, messages sent by GMail SMTP are by default not sent out by their POP and IMAP servers. This means that even if you use an email client on your machine, you won't get copies of the messages you send to -devel list, unless you use your ISP's server, or configure the GMail server to send you "all" mails (in which case you get copies of all mails sent to anyone!).

Wiki Editing

  • Create your own Wiki user page and let us know about yourself and what you like to do in your spare time. To do this, [ALT SHIFT .] or click your username at the top of the page.
  • Start a Wiki page for your project to throw around ideas and record progress. Call it as per the title allocated at GSoC 2008 Projects - click the red link on that page for the not yet created Project Progress Page.
  • Get up to speed with Wiki editing (if you aren't already...) by visiting our editing tips. There are some additional tips underneath the editing window.
  • Preview your Wiki changes first (don't hit ENTER, which saves the page) and try to save only a small number of reasonably finished edits. Saving every edit will really jam up the Recent Changes page with entries and make it difficult for everyone to view all the latest changes! Many of us bookmark that recent changes page as our entry point to the Wiki - it's a good way of staying involved.
  • If you want to add a comment about someone else's article, it's normally best to do this on that article's Talk page (click the discussion tab at the top of the page). Precede your comment with your signature, so that it links to your user page. To do this, type ~~~~ or ~~~ for signature without date, or click the last button but one from right, at the top of the edit window.