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This page is to help with planning for Google Summer of Code 2008. It's a 'brainstorming' page at the moment. All subscribers to audacity-devel are very welcome to add comments and suggestions. James 05:26, 27 July 2007 (PDT)

  • In the run up to GSoC 2008 we want to get our developer documentation into good shape. This is particularly important for new features like the plug in interface. Help with bringing the Doxygen documentation back up to date would be appreciated and is also a good way of learning the code. We'd also like to go further and have diagrams and more written documentation that shows how things work.
  • We can always do with new ideas on the ideas page. Suggestions that have an element of novelty to them, that can be completed in the time frame are particularly welcome. We feel it's important that projects have both an aspect which is fairly straightforward to complete in the time as well as a stretch goal. We need to get something complete and usable out of each project, whether it goes superbly or whether there are difficulties.
  • To get accepted by Google, it will help enormously if we can show that we already have many students queuing up to take part. We would like someone to help us design a half-page flyer for Audacity GSoC which we can put on notice boards in computer science labs in universities. If there are multiple offers to do this, then we'll vote on the flyer to use on the audacity-devel mailing list.
  • All established developers with Audacity need to get gmail accounts. Only with gmail accounts can they be listed as potential mentors. We should also look at getting second-mentors for overlaps. Some of the projects are likely to be on overlap between Audacity and wxWidgets, Portaudio or Jack. In those cases, if the project is being administered and mentored by Audacity, it would still be very useful to have a second mentor from the overlap project already lined up to give advice.