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This page is about the selection criteria that will factor in our assessment of GSoC student applications. Selection criteria are not necessarily "hard and fast", but depend on the views of the mentors involved (and to some extent on the needs of the project itself). So this page is in the form of a "blog", representing the range of criteria that could be relevant.
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In the year since this page was originally created, we've found different mentors have different views on what is most important. All five students who were accepted for our GSoC 2008 made a number of changes to their proposal in the light of comments they received after submitting the proposal. So, don't worry about having the perfect proposal right from the start. Do worry about having a plan to deliver on what you promise. Do work on what goes into being able to write the proposal at all, namely, getting acquainted with Audacity, with the issues, a sense of how the relevant code works. It will show in your proposal. You need to convince us it will be successful.

Here's James's view on how to increase your chance of getting selected for GSoC 2009:

Hints on writing a good proposal

Bottom line: Put yourself in the shoes of the mentors selecting the applications. Think about how they will see things.

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