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Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is Google's program for promoting Open Source Software development. Audacity was a mentoring organization for five students for Google Summer of Code 2008, and mentored two students in 2009. This page contains our Policy Guidelines and Requirements for Audacity Student Participants in Google Summer of Code.
For information about our future plans and about Audacity software development, please join our developers mailing list
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  • An email forward is setup for GSoC students at [email protected]. All Audacity GSoC mentors and admins receive this.
  • When we need to contact you directly, we will use the gmail or googlemail address you gave us, so check those regularly.
  • If you have quick easy questions during your GSoC work, use the telegram address. Thornier questions by email.
  • Different mentors in Audacity may have different views on the same issues - it's part of the nature of open source. Buanzo is our GSoC Admin and has overall responsibility and authority for our GSoC involvement, so makes the "final decisions". This helps keep things moving, so we make decisions now rather than taking too long to reach an "optimum decision". We hope this works as well for you as it does for us.


  • Weekly status reports of the "this is going well... and this isn't...." kind to be sent to [email protected] (so this will include your mentor). These should be brief and focused.
    • Share a Google doc with us for progress.
    • Notify us of calendar/time issues well in advance. If you know you will have exams during GSoC, tell us the dates when you apply.
  • Start an account on GitHub before you apply.
  • We expect documentation of your contributions at both mid-term and final stages, both from an 'end user' perspective and from a 'developer' perspective. Again write it in a Google doc and share that with your mentor.