GSoC Student Guidelines

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These are Policy Guidelines and Requirements for Audacity Student Participants in Google Summer of Code.
Also bookmark GSoC News and Tips for handy hints and latest news.

  • Most discussion of your projects should be on the audacity-devel mailing list, but you can continue to use [email protected]  to contact all the mentors and admins directly.
  • When we need to contact you directly, we will use the gmail or googlemail address you gave us, so check those regularly.
  • Different mentors in Audacity will have different views on the exact same issues - it's part of the nature of open source. We have Vaughan as our Admin for GSoC 2008 and we have given him responsibilities and authority for the GSoC time. Partly this is because for some decisions it's more important to make a decision now than to reach the "optimum decision" but take too long about it. We hope this works as well for you as it does for us.


  • Weekly status reports of the "this is going well... and this isn't...." kind to be sent to [email protected]  (so this will include your mentor). These should be brief and focused.
  • Keep a record of code you write so that you are ready to upload it to Google at the end of project. We'll ask for tarballs of your code at the mid-term as a practice run.
  • We'll build "kick-the-tires" betas every two weeks, for all three platforms. This means that on the designated bi-weekly dates, your latest code that's at least partially working should build without breaking anything.