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The Audacity audio editor is downloaded around 18 million times each year. It's a large, mature and clearly popular open source project. In 2008 and 2009 we participated in Google's Summer of Code, taking 7 students in all. For Google Season of Documentation 2019 we would like to mentor one technical writer.

How do you currently document Audacity?

Can you say more about the manual?

  • The manual is 90% a reference, organised in terms of features of the program.
  • The manual contains some annotated/clickable screenshots and a sidebar to help navigation.
  • We have scripts to collect the manual, we distribute a copy with Audacity, and help buttons in Audacity link to many of the pages.

Can you say more about this general wiki?

  • It's a rag bag of miscellaneous information, and that's fine. That's what it is for.
  • It does have some organisation in terms of potential users/visitors.

What previous experience has Audacity had in documentation or collaborating with technical writers?

What previous experience has Audacity had mentoring individuals?

What editorial principles do you have?