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JC has suggested this page where we propose and discuss 'visual standards'. Should we write a "Style Guide" for visual appearance? This could cover examples such as:

  • When to use a dropdown menu and when radio buttons?
  • Buttons on toolbars to be styled as for operating system default?
  • Use of same kind of sliders throughout?
  • Are dialogues too wide and buttons too large (look at Tracks > Resample as an example, where the text box is about eight times longer than needed to accommodate the text input). Is there any consistency now in why dialogues with little text are as wide as they are?
  • whether we put units in brackets or not, if so "( )" or "[ ]"?
  • whether units go after text boxes or before. We are inconsistent about this in Preferences (see Audio I/O where text is after the box, Quality where it's in the text in the box, and Spectrograms where it's before the box inside circular brackets). We also have a consistency problem that the style of recent type 3 Nyquist plug-ins has moved the units value to left of the entry box. Also, these values are in square brackets. GA thinks if we want to be consistent this implies units to left (or above) boxes, as some boxes/controls are simply too long to reasonably have units after the box. Additionally, screen readers can't read the units unless they are before/above the box.
  • Quotations - should these be " " or ' ' (applies to documentation also).
  • Menu paths - should they use " > " , "->" or what? (mainly applies to documentation)
  • Capitalisation of all words, or nouns only?

Some other specifics:

  • Suggested we should use the same smaller logo and higher screen position of Welcome Message for About Audacity
  • Disallow alphabetic characters in text input fields in plug-ins, so that you can get to Preview in any effect by just pressing "V" (as you currently can in Equalization)
  • [LL] Greater consistency of '...' in History list (Does this belong in this group? What does it mean?)