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The proposed find-out-more texts are:
The proposed find-out-more texts are:
  Funding helps us move forward more quickly.  [http://www.audacity.audio/donate/ Find out more…]
  Funding helps us move forward more quickly.  [http://www.audacity.audio/donate/ Find out more…]

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Bulb icon These suggested images are now deployed and in use

Proposed more graphical 'Get Involved' page

This is a sorting and signposting page.

  • Clicking (or hover) over the icons shows the 'find out more' text.
  • The ‘find-out-more’ text has a hyperlink to take people onwards.

The proposed find-out-more texts are:



Find out about giving feedback on early preview versions.
Find out how to join in the great bug-hunt.

These take the visitor to the two new call to action pages. Or possibly we only have the first line, and the one call, if Gale decides not to do an initiative for testing alphas at the same time.



Currently eight languages have active translators.  Is your language one of them?



We write documentation for Audacity, and we try to answer users’ questions.  Find out more…



Find out how to write cool new features for Audacity….

Find Out More Pages

  • The find-out-more landing pages will need refinement and work to work well in this role.

Find-out-more pages should aim not to be confusing, not to be encyclopedic, rather to showcase their call to action, so that we get good uptake on the calls. Encyclopedic information can be maintained in this wiki.


  • The Chinese symbol on the translate icon says 'kisses'.
  • The font used in 'develop' is of course Signika again, as it is in 'support'.
  • These icons have been designed to work well together. The heart on 'donate' is the same cardiod as on 'feedback'. The bubbles in 'feedback' are the same as in 'translate'. I've generally gone for curvy shapes, and quite heavy weight on lines for their size. Makes for a confident inviting design.