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Details and image for "Simpler/more presettable Graphic EQ" from Feature Requests

I would like to see a simple graphic Eq in Audacity, either as an alternative interface, or an additional built-in effect. While 31 frequency bands is great for music producers, it is overkill for the many casual users, and a 5 or 7 band Eq would be quite adequate in many cases and much quicker for producing custom Eq curves. I would also like to see a greater range of general purpose presets, such as "bass boost", "presence enhance", "equal loudness".... As there are already quite a few presets, it may be more convenient to group different types of Eq (such as the RIAA type) either with sub menus, or just using separators in the list.

Here's a mock-up of "an improved" (?) interface. The grid could be finer though.


The additional features are: Optional background grid Selectable number of bands for Graphic Eq. Readout of cursor position (ref. Koz's suggestion) Additional presets (not shown)

I think that a few different, commonly used settings could be included as standard - such as: Bass boost Bass cut Treble boost Treble cut Loudness Classical Rock Dance

I'm not sure what the best way to handle a long list of presets would be - Alphabetical ordering? Sub-menus? Since the settings are stored as an XML file, I wouldn't have though it would be too difficult to support sub menus.

  • A grid would be valuable for the main equalizer/interface for more accurate work too.

[Update:] The background grid feature is now implemented, as is a "preset manager".

  • Regardless of the number of bands, it would be more useful if the highest and lowest frequency bands were shelf filters. This would be particularly valuable with a small number of frequency bands.