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Details and image for "Simpler/more presettable Graphic EQ" from Feature Requests

I would like to see a simple graphic Eq in Audacity, either as an alternative interface, or an additional built-in effect. While 31 frequency bands is great for music producers, it is overkill for the many casual users, and a 5 or 7 band Eq would be quite adequate in many cases and much quicker for producing custom Eq curves. I would also like to see a greater range of general purpose presets, such as "bass boost", "presence enhance", "equal loudness".... As there are already quite a few presets, it may be more convenient to group different types of Eq (such as the RIAA type) either with sub menus, or just using separators in the list.

Here's a mock-up of "an improved" (?) interface. The grid could be finer though.


The additional features are: Optional background grid Selectable number of bands for Graphic Eq. Readout of cursor position (ref. Koz's suggestion) Additional presets (not shown)

I think that a few different, commonly used settings could be included as standard - such as: Bass boost Bass cut Treble boost Treble cut Loudness Classical Rock Dance

I'm not sure what the best way to handle a long list of presets would be - Alphabetical ordering? Sub-menus? Since the settings are stored as an XML file, I wouldn't have though it would be too difficult to support sub menus.

  • A grid would be valuable for the main equalizer/interface for more accurate work too.

[Update:] The background grid feature is now implemented, as is a "preset manager".

  • Regardless of the number of bands, it would be more useful if the highest and lowest frequency bands were shelf filters. This would be particularly valuable when the Equalizer is set to use a small number of frequency bands.