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The Wiki is a great store of Tips, Tutorials and other articles about Audacity and digital audio.

To help you find what you need:

  • Try entering what you are looking for in the Search box at the top left of any Wiki page.
  • You can browse an alphabetical Index of all the Wiki pages here.
  • Alternatively, why not try the Audacity Frequently Asked Questions in the Audacity Manual.

If you are looking for help on a specific topic, and can't find it on this Wiki, please do not ask on this Wiki, because it is not designed as a place for asking questions if you need direct help. Instead, ask on our Audacity Forum, or you can subscribe to our audacity-users mailing list and ask there. For more details, see Asking Questions.

For editors:
  • Anyone with a Wiki account can edit, go here if you need help on Wiki editing.
  • If you see a broken link, please repair it, or report it to our feedback address.
  • If you see a spammed page and need help restoring it, click here
Do feel free to leave a note on the Discussion tab of an appropriate page where you would have wanted/expected to find the information - in the future someone may then expand on the subject.

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