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Need for updates

The Help page really needs an update, and some strategy - what's it for, really? After all, there is a direct link to it from the left hand navigation pane, so it is very "visible". To have something in English, I have just added some bare minimum basic info, only copied from the Main Page without any serious brain work. I left the Greek info as is, as, not speaking Greek, I can not judge the value. (Suf 09:57, 8 July 2007 (PDT))

Voice Recordings Question

I need to make reliable, good quality voice recordings. I have turned to Audacity on many occasions over the years as it always seems to offer much more info than other apps and that is appealing because I think each time that when I need help it will be there and that Audacity has more to offer.

I want to be able to edit freely and I want lots on the editing and effects menu BUT I have been unable to record and save anything important. Audacity stops responding at various stages of the process ... often at launch it enters into a 'not responding' state and if left will remain like that for hours and hours. Task manager has no effect on it and the WHOLE standard toolbar disappears ... !! so there are no toolbars left when you need them most !! I have to restart pc to see if any work has been recovered. This cannot happen with other very basic looking apps because they don't record until a filename has been given to a place in a directory. So anything recorded always can be found BUT Audacity has a recovery process which hasn't worked for me. When I get my work recovered the file has always been WIPED clean of all recording. I have lost hours of work but I'm an Open Uni student and I can't let it go because I think with enough feedback it can be the biggest and best thing ever. So I hope someone is addressing these matters somewhere and that I will stop losing hours of recorded work. It seems I have lots of reading to do to catch up and learn how to use Audacity. Perhaps the answers to my problems are in the wikis BUT for a new user to be able to record and save or better yet - SAVE and THEN record - it is not a lot to expect from an app as a first experience.

A: You will have to put your question forward at the Audacity Forum (see link on Main Page). (James 05:50, 8 December 2009 (CST))
A: Gale 09Dec 09: Sounds like Managing Computer Resources and Drivers would be a good start...