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This page hasn't been written yet. If you have questions about how Audacity works, please post them here and the developers will answer them. Eventually we will organize the document and explain all of the most interesting issues.

Okay, I'll start this out!

Questions: 1) I've been using Audacity 1.2.3 for several months and it's been great. But for some reason, which I don't have a clue about, suddenly upon playback, Audacity makes voices sound like Alvin (of The chipmonks). Even my own voice, recorded via line in/from Voice Editing software, is Alvin! Music recorded via webcast radio is also like The Chipmonks! The only change I see is that "Recording time remaining" went from 460-something down to under 200. I've tried uninstalling (and getting rid of all files or folders dealing with Audacity), then defrag and restart before installing Audacity again. All the same situations, including "Recording time remaining" came right back.

probably recording two tracks at two different bit rates, or dragging other audio files into a project that were recorded at a different bit rate.

2) Since I'm not a musician, I don't understand what the Speed, Tempo, Pitch . . . settings ought to be, nor what they were as default. Is there a way to return Audacity to *all* of its default settings and, by the way, what ought they to be?

Thanks SO much--Arlene

Audacity Resampling

Q: I'd like to know which resampling algorithm does audacity use. I`m studying resampling for my thesis and I`m testing Audacity resampler` influence on perceived audio quality..

A: Audacity uses the resampling algorithm from Julius Orion Smith's Resample project. Audacity also contains code to use libsamplerate, but we can't distribute librample with Audacity because of licensing issues.

See these discussions for more information on our choice of resampling algorithms: