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Don't forget about "hidden" keys (which have no menu item), like "1" and "B" for special playback modes, and "Z" to find zero-crossings near the cursor.

Any ideas about custom keyboard layouts? Links to keyboard layout .xml files? Edit this page and talk about them here!

SoundForge key bindings

Download SoundForge Key Bindings here. These keys mimic several of sound forge's key bindings, including 'zoom in' to (arrow up), 'zoom out' to (arrow down), 'record' to (ctrl r), 'add marker/label' to (m), and 'zoom normal/zoom to selection' to (ctrl page down). In order to resolve sound forge's annoying pause keyboard binding (where in sound forge spacebar has play/stop functionality, and the return key is pause), i had to use some of xmms/winamp's playback functionality, due the fact that a 'pause' is a state-based action (because what state is it u are pausing?). Therefore the play back keys are like so: 'play/stop' to (x) and 'stop' to (v) and the we can bind 'pause/resume' to (spacebar) just like u want it.

To use, click the link and save as something like "SoundForgeKeys.xml". Then open Audacity, open the Preferences, go to the Keyboard tab, and load the keyboard shortcuts as XML.

I have a stupid question. First, HIGH praise to the developers. I am a student at Pasadena City College, was looking for a cheap audio editing suite, and found this SWEET suite(ugh, bad pun I know). How do I return the cursor to zero? Is there a keystroke? I can click near zero to get it to return but is there another way? I cant' seem to find anything listed in the help menus.



Hi Bill, just click on the "Skip to Start" button (looks like a Rewind button). Only in Audacity 1.1 or 1.2, of course, but you should probably be using 1.2.0 anyway, there's almost no reason not to at this point!

  • default shortcut key for this is "home" from the block to the lsft of the numeric keypad.

Just found Audacity and am in love already. How about adopting these zoom controls: <Page Up> = Zoom In, <Page Dn> = Zoom Out, <Home> = move to mouse cursor, <End> = refresh screen. These art taken from the Altium PCB layout software. Thanks Michael F. Henning, Grass Valley, CA USA

We are already using those keys for other operations by default. We probably won't change our defaults, since it would interfere with existing users. But you can customize the keyboard however you like, in the Audacity preferences.

[Michael: For zooming, I find Audacity's scroll wheel support to be excellent. Position the mouse cursor at the location on the waveform that you want to zoom, press and hold the CTRL key and scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in or down to zoom out. Way cool! --Bob Johnson]

I was looking to add a couple of shortcuts and have been trying to modify the XML file in notepad with no luck. I was specifically trying to add shortcuts for "Normalize" and "Export As Wav...". Is it possible to do this by altering the XML or am I restricted to only changing the shortcuts supplied? I was guessing the menu command names based on other entries in the Audacity-keys.xml, so I may have them wrong:

<command name="ExportWAV" label="Export As WAV..." key="" /> <command name="Normalize" label="Normalize" key="" />

If I add them like this, they don't show up in the list at Preferences > Keyboard.

Nice piece of software BTW, very much enjoy using it.

Cheers, Chris.

I have a Logitec media keyboard. I found no way to have the media keys control Audacity. Examples: Play/pause, stop, fast for/backward, etc. The Audacity Key Logger will not pick up the "media-key" like it responds to an alphabetic key. Some sort of translation table may be required, I have no clue how to do this - but I can press the MultiMedia Key. Ease of use is always my favorite.

This is my first posting in this forum. On my screen it looks as if I modify Chris' text. I did not login as Chris, and I don't know Chris' password. I am using several forums, none of the others look as confusing. If necessary, I apologize for "editing" Chris' text. It should not be possible. morphingstar

My question sort of ties into the question about making up new shortcuts. I would really like to be able to map a shortcut key to move individual tracks up and down (it doesn't seem that this is one of the available options). Is this possible?


ed morales - WRNC, Ashland, Wisconsin