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This page contains details of Audacity problems that are identified after a version has been released, and so are not included in the "Known Issues at Release" section of the Release Notes for current stable and Beta versions. This page will be cleared after each release of Audacity, as all issues will by then either be fixed or appear as known issues in the Release Notes for the new version.

Please do not use this page to report problems you are having with Audacity or suspected bugs, as it will not be regularly checked by the support team. Instead, please see our Reporting Bugs page for advice on how to identify your problem and report it to us if you need to.

Audacity 1.3.9: Released 1 September 2009 for Windows (2000, XP and Vista), Mac OS X and Linux

Active issues

  • Spurious "not writable/disk full" errors when saving projects. Believed to occur where the project includes silence. Reproducible cases where silence is the cause have been fixed in our development code, but we don't know yet if all cases have been fixed. Workaround: Select all audio in the project that won't save, Edit > Copy, File > New to open a new project, then Edit > Paste and save the new project.
  • Processing of most built-in effects/waveform rendering after process completion reported much slower than 1.3.8.
  • Playing, rendering or exporting multiple tracks may lead to desynchronised playback or loss of audio data. Reproducible playback/rendering/exporting errors where one track is both not at the same rate as the project and not at time zero have been fixed in our development code. However, playback problems still exist when loop-playing tracks at different rates, or duplicating regions into other tracks (irrespective of rate).
  • Reverse effect does not reverse clip boundaries. This will also lead to loss of audio if there was white space between any of the clips.
  • Some timeline-changing effects do not keep linked audio and label tracks in synchronisation. Affected: Change Speed, Change Tempo, Sliding Time Scale, Truncate Silence.
  • (Windows) Exported "Comments" ID3 tag not recognised by Windows Media Player or Explorer.

Fixed since release

The following problems can be corrected by downloading one of our nightly development builds, or by compiling Audacity from our latest development code:
  • Cut removes too much audio when label track included in selection.
  • Crash or hang using Equalization on longer tracks. Likely to occur with tracks in excess of 90 minutes long (or shorter length if sample rate is higher than 44100 Hz). If there is a hang, it will occur twice in a stereo track (half way through and at end).
  • Freeze importing audio files when Default View Mode set to Pitch (EAC).
  • Excessive memory consumption in Nyquist effects may lead to slow processing or crashes.
  • Errors running Nyquist effects in European locales where comma is used as decimal separator.
  • Crash opening Preferences when no recording and/or playback devices enabled or connected. Mostly affects Windows Vista/7, but also affects other operating systems if no audio devices are available at all.
  • (Linux) Crashes running Nyquist effects in UK/US locales.