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This page contains details of Audacity problems that are identified after a version has been released, and so are not included in the "Known Problems" section of the Release Notes for current stable  and Beta versions. This page will be cleared after each release of Audacity, as all issues will by then either be fixed or appear as known problems in the Release Notes for the new version.

Please do not use this page to report problems you are having with Audacity or suspected bugs, as it will not be regularly checked by the support team. Instead, please see our Reporting Bugs page for advice on how to identify your problem and report it to us if you need to.

Audacity 1.3.4

Released 13 November 2007 for Windows and Linux only

Active issues

All platforms

  • Some strings are not translated in the interface, although translations exist in the language files.
Status: being worked on, fixes will appear in the next Beta release. Note that Beta versions of Audacity will always have incomplete translations to some extent or another - only stable releases have a "string freeze" and translation cycle.
  • With foreign languages (at least French and German) selected, MP3 metadata tags for "Artist Name", "Track Title", "Album Title" and "Track Number" are not filled, so not seen by media applications. Instead, duplicated custom tags with these identifiers are created.
Status: awaiting further investigation. Possibly some strings are marked for translation but used as keys.
  • Opening project files created by Audacity 1.0.0 no longer shows any warning that doing so may corrupt the file, but only converts the project to the new format and creates a backup.
Status: awaiting investigation

Cleared in CVS

These items have been cleared in the latest development code , meaning that if you compile Audacity yourself from that code, these issues should not occur. Where applicable, they will still be present in the released binary versions available on our download page .

All platforms

  • Links in the Welcome Message and other dialogues such as the LAME download button do not open correctly in many platform / browser combinations.

Linux Only

  • The audacity.1  man page is out of date, and contains several factual errors.