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Audacity behaves as an excellent LADSPA (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API) host. Just read up about LADSPA and make your plug-ins correctly. As a starting point, look at the LADSPA developers' documentation  and the LADSPA site's example plug-ins .

Nothing special is needed for writing LADSPA plug-ins for Audacity on Linux. Just place your plug-in in $HOME/.ladspa/ and it should appear in the Effect menu. Also, keep in mind that Audacity "runs" the plug-in multiple times with some specific number of samples. So, don't assume that your plug-in will get the entire selection the first time. Here is an example LADSPA plug-in  made by a user for plotting frequency variation.

Audacity also supports LADSPA plug-ins on Windows and Mac OS X. In fact the current VST enabler  for these platforms works by putting VST plug-ins inside a LADPSA wrapper. So if you can compile your LADSPA plug-in source code to be a windows .dll or Mac shared Lib, it will work there as well. Simply place your plug-in in the Plug-Ins folder inside your Audacity installation folder and restart Audacity. Your installation folder is usually under C:\Program Files on Windows, or under Mac Hard Disk > Applications on OS X.