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Editors BEWARE - this page has a DISPLAYTITLE
This page has information about the wiki-magic used in maintaining the manual and this wiki.

Automagicke Tables and Menus

The following pages provide inputs to the creation and autoamgicke tool-tipping of image mapped menus and the big tables:
Bulb icon The diagram below shows how these fit together and how information flows from them. It is explained properly at Using WIT


And the results... Click below for: WIT generates the images and templates. Currently a manual step, done by James, the have-a-coffee wiki-bot step, is needed to upload the images and tooltips to the manual. Why? It's because the alpha manual does not yet have the 'widgets' plug in. The widgets plug in is what allows this wiki to have the dynamically updated pages. This wiki can include pages from WIT. The alphamanual can't (yet).

Automagicke Zebra Tables

Automagicke Dynamic Bug Tables

Automagicke Release Manual

The script to fetch the alphamanual and make a local copy also edits it to remove 'alpha' and 'Development' from the pages.

Automagicke New Features Page

We can now have the identical text for the New Features page in the Manual and the New Features page here on this Wiki.

  • We do this as follows:
Wherever we previously had:
   [[Page Link|Link Text]]

use instead:
   {{Manual|2.3.1|Page Link|Link Text}}

These will be automagickally converted to the correct link. Moreover when we move the alphamanual to the manual, we can update with a single change in the template.

Peter 18Apr19: But AFAIK the imagaes used don't get copied across - I think that still requires muggle grunt-work.

Lesser Magickes