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NO! This is a copyright warning, not a potted help file! If you must have help in the grey box, limit yourself to three lines.

  • Using categories
  • ...your choice here...
  • Editing, Images, Templates and Tables.

James 15:05, 27 February 2008 (PST)

James - Actually, several people have suggested to me that something like this is needed (here, not in a link) for editing that is not covered in the buttons. Is this a practical objection, that you have further to scroll to the buttons? If that's your objection, it might be possible to put this under the buttons, which is something like Wikipedia does (they combine a copyright notice with a large (ugly?) Javascript window for adding markup and accented characters/symbols).

Needing to publicise the new TableEdit was the final spur to try out what a few people had been suggesting (if we don't publicise TableEdit here, or the recently added templates, how do you propose users who don't look at recent changes would find out about them?). I am sure we would both like users to employ tables more, and this extension might facilitate that.

Another short-term reason for doing it is that the "Editing Help" link is broken, and the current help it can be redirected to is not that good, though I have tried to improve it a little.

I am not 100% sure I like this either, but as stated I felt we had to publicise TableEdit at least for a time, and it made little sense just to put that there on its own. At the moment, I think it should stop as is, and we'll see if anyone else joins your side of the argument, though most likely it won't stop like that permanently in any case.

And finally, this *is* a public forum, like a mailing list. It would help if you could express your views in a more considered fashion, rather than shout in capitals, just because you don't happen to like something. Sorry to say this, but this is by no means the first time.