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(Metadata fixes and improvments)
(Discussion about Metadata fixes and improvements.)
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Discussion about Metadata fixes and improvements.

IDPStatusSummary (9 tasks) ID
551P3RESOLVEDENH: Export Multiple: Pass through common metadata to next window551
1295P4NEWEnh: Export Multiple "Track Number" should increment if changed, and file numbering should respect modified Track Number1295
1398P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor tag fields emptied when field length stored in project exceeds a given length1398
440P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor: Tags without values can't be added440
621P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor: saved tags not displayed when importing MP2/MP3/FLAC/FFmpeg formats without metadata621
703P4RESOLVEDLinux: Metadata Editor fields appear to lose selection on right-click703
1302P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor should be disabled for (external program) in Export Multiple, as in straight export1302
353P4RESOLVEDFFmpeg: Metadata - Artist tag not imported in WMA and APE files353
653P4RESOLVEDMetadata: UTF-16 ID3 tags read incorrectly.653