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Discussion about Metadata fixes and improvements.

IDPStatusSummary (9 tasks) ID
551P3RESOLVEDENH: Export Multiple: Pass through common metadata to next window551
1295P4NEWEnh: Export Multiple "Track Number" should increment if changed, and file numbering should respect modified Track Number1295
1302P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor should be disabled for (external program) in Export Multiple, as in straight export1302
353P4RESOLVEDFFmpeg: Metadata - Artist tag not imported in WMA and APE files353
653P4RESOLVEDMetadata: UTF-16 ID3 tags read incorrectly.653
1398P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor tag fields emptied when field length stored in project exceeds a given length1398
440P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor: Tags without values can't be added440
621P4RESOLVEDMetadata Editor: saved tags not displayed when importing MP2/MP3/FLAC/FFmpeg formats without metadata621
703P4RESOLVEDLinux: Metadata Editor fields appear to lose selection on right-click703

Note: In addition to the above there is a bug that is not written up where tags added to metadata and then exported in AIFF are not recognized in iTunes. I understand that there are some other formats that also do not export the tags correctly. Similar to bug 541.