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Discussion about Metadata fixes and improvements.

IDPStatusSummary (10 tasks) ID
1854P1RESOLVEDUn-warned export file overwrite danger in 2.2.2 Chains and 2.3.0 Macros1854
878P3RESOLVEDBuilt in Generators don't work correctly in Chains878
876P3RESOLVEDWindows: Macros: LV2 plug-in effects only save default parameters.876
1793P4RESOLVEDAutomatic zoom to fit of imported audio does not work in Chains1793
526P4RESOLVEDWindows: Chains: Select Command sets width of all columns by width of longest command526
1238P4RESOLVEDChains: Non-interactive "Apply Chain" window obscured.1238
1745P4RESOLVEDNames of commands in Chains do not translate, and the English uses ugly CamelCase1745
1807P4RESOLVEDNyquist Prompt Scripting command is not functional1807
1237P4RESOLVEDMacros: Inconsistent per-platform behaviour cancelling in-progress Macro applied to project.1237
1742P4RESOLVEDBuilt-in Macro name "MP3 Conversion" does not translate1742