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*[[Image:Flag_of_France_small.jpg|25px|French]]   [[TBP]]
*[[Image:Flag_of_France_small.jpg|25px|French]]   [[TBP]]
*[[Image:Flag_of_Russia_small.jpg|25px|Russian]]   [[TBP]]
*[[Image:Flag_of_Russia_small.jpg|25px|Russian]]   [[TBP]]
*[[Image:Flag_of_Germany.jpg|25px|German]]   [[TBP]]
*[[Image:Flag_of_Germany.jpg|25px|German]]   [http://www.audacity-forum.de/ Audacity-Supportforum auf Deutsch]
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{| width=100%

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Peter 3Apr14: ToDo-1 This page may be all we have in the way of translations but it is very shoddy. Most of the material is legacy much of it 1.2 and nothing later. Imo this page reflects badly on us and could cause us reputational damage.
  • This page will probably remain in the planned "Legacy Wiki", as it contains legacy material - ToDo-D but most of it (maybe all) will need pruning in the planned "Current Wiki" as it seems to contain no 2.0.5 material.

Steve 12May14: I would suggest either we delete this page entirely from the current wiki, or, if we want to invite multi-lingual tutorials for Audacity 2.x, we replace each landing page with a note (in the appropriate language) to the effect of:

  • There are currently no tutorials for Audacity 2.x in [language]. If you wish to contribute tutorials in your local language, please write to us (in English) with your proposal: feedback address.

Deletion is of course the easier option, and better than retaining fragments of obsolete information.

  • Gale 13May14: I think probably Steve's idea is best, though I suggest only retaining this page which would be the call for translators. The call however should probably mention the Manual as first priority for translation, then second priority as translating Wiki pages that are linked to in the Manual.

    If we have just one page, we would have all usable links on this page in their own div for the language. We must remember to include links to the four localised Forum boards and to the other Forums listed on the locale's page e.g. Orkut for Brazilian Portuguese. Recreated individual localised pages would want to be grouped somehow with a localised suffix, prefix or category. Translators tell me they prefer a prefix e.g. http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/es/MP3.

Audacity Forum

There are local language sections of the Audacity Forum for the following languages:

Tutorials, information and external links
to pages in other languages
Peter 3Apr14: The Arabic page is largely irrelevant. It has two links: one to an empty page and one to a contents page that links almost entirely to English pages.
  • Last maintained 8Nov08
  • Arabic   عربي
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Indonesian page Links to two Audacity tutorials on YouTube in Indonesian. They were posted on YT on 23&29Sep07.
    • Last maintained 14Oct07 (cosmetic update by Gale 9Nov08)
  • Indonesian   Bahasa Indonesia
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Czech page has nothing of value - effectively just a work-in-progress note.
    • Last maintained 17Oct07
  • Czech   Česky
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Chinese page has translations - but appears limited to Legacy 1.2
    • Last maintained 8Aug07 (cosmetic update by Gale 18Oct07)
  • Chinese (Taiwan)   中文(台灣)
  • Peter 3Apr14: The German page links to 2.0.4 as the latest manual - and has links for 1.2 and 1.3 legacy documentation.
    • Last maintained 3Dec11
  • German   Deutsch
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Greek page has translations - but appears limited to Legacy 1.2 and 1.3
    • Last maintained 18Nov13
  • Greek   Ελληνικά
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Spanish landing page looks good as it is a translated version of the Wiki contents - but all but two of the pages linked to are un-translated English pages.
    • Last maintained 20Nov12
  • Spanish   Español
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Finnish page only has a translated link to legacy 1.2 - but the link seems to hang.
    • Last maintained 27Oct11
  • Finland   Suomi
  • Peter 3Apr14: The French page has translations - but appears limited to Legacy 1.2 - and a recent-ish Book by Christian Brochec.
    • Last maintained 9Sep11
  • French   Français
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Italian page has a link to a download of an "unofficial" legacy 1.3 manual from 2010 - I removed one dead link and one spurious link.
    • Last maintained 20Nov12
  • Italian   Italiano
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Dutch page has translations (a few links) - but is limited to Legacy 1.2.6
    • Last maintained 5Apr09
  • Dutch   Nederlands
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Brazilian landing page looks promising with some translated links (not all) - but two of the pages linked to appear to be un-translated English pages.
    • Last maintained 25Sep09 (tidy by Gale 5Dec10)
  • Brazilian Portuguese   Português Brasileiro
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Russian page has a few links to Russian language material. I commented out some dead links.
    • Last maintained 26Nov08
  • Russian   Русская
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Swedish page has a single link to a PDF doenload limited to Legacy 1.2
    • Last maintained 19Oct07 (minor update by Gale 7Nov11)
  • Swedish   Svenska
  • Peter 3Apr14: The Vietnamese landing page looks promising with translated links, most links are to null pages - the few live links are translated - but the translation appears to have been abandoned un-finished in 2008-2009.
    • Last maintained 4Feb08 (cosmetic edit by Gale 23Aug08)
  • Vietnamese   tiếng Việt