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Peter 3Apr14: This page may be all we have in the way of translations but it is very shoddy. Most of the material is legacy much of it 1.2 and nothing later. Imo this page reflects badly on us and could cause us reputational damage.
  • This page will probably remain in the planned "Legacy Wiki", as it contains legacy material - but most of it (maybe all) will need pruning in the planned "Current Wiki" as it seems to contain no 2.0.5 material.

Steve 12May14: I would suggest either we delete this page entirely from the current wiki, or, if we want to invite multi-lingual tutorials for Audacity 2.x, we replace each landing page with a note (in the appropriate language) to the effect of:

  • There are currently no tutorials for Audacity 2.x in [language]. If you wish to contribute tutorials in your local language, please write to us (in English) with your proposal: feedback address.

Deletion is of course the easier option, and better than retaining fragments of obsolete information.

  • Gale 13May14: I think probably Steve's idea is best, though I suggest only retaining this page which would be the call for translators. The call however should probably mention the Manual as first priority for translation, then second priority as translating Wiki pages that are linked to in the Manual.

    If we have just one page, we would have all usable links on this page in their own div for the language. We must remember to include links to the four localised Forum boards and to the other Forums listed on the locale's page e.g. Orkut for Brazilian Portuguese. Recreated individual localised pages would want to be grouped somehow with a localised suffix, prefix or category. Translators tell me they prefer a prefix e.g.

  • Peter 10Jun14: ToDo-S I implemented Steve's Plan, replacing the links to the out-of-date tutorials with calls in local-language for local-language tutorials - and added links to the local-language forum sections as Gale suggested. Removed the P1

Audacity Forum

There are local language sections of the Audacity Forum for the following languages:


We invite submissions of tutorials in local languages for Audacity 2.x. Please write to our feedback address
  • Arabic   لا يوجد حاليا لا دروس لجرأة 2.x باللغة العربية، يرجى الكتابة لنا (باللغة الإنجليزية) مع الاقتراح الخاص بك
  • Indonesian   Saat ini ada tidak ada tutorial untuk Audacity 2.x di Indonesia, silahkan menulis kepada kami (dalam bahasa Inggris) dengan proposal Anda
  • Czech   V současné době neexistují žádné kurzy pro Audacity 2.x v češtině, prosím napište nám (v angličtině) s Vaším návrhem
  • Chinese (Taiwan)   目前有沒有教程的無畏 2.x 的中文,請寫信給我們 (用英語) 與你的建議
  • German   Es gibt derzeit keine Tutorials für Audacity 2.x in Deutsch, bitte schreiben Sie uns (in Englisch) mit Ihrem Vorschlag
  • Greek   Υπάρχουν επί του παρόντος δεν tutorials για το Audacity 2.x στα Ελληνικά, παρακαλώ, γράψτε μας (στα αγγλικά) με την πρότασή σας
  • Spanish   Actualmente hay no hay tutoriales de Audacity 2.x en español, por favor escriba a nosotros (en inglés) con su propuesta
  • Finland   Ei toistaiseksi ole tutorials Audacity 2.x suomeksi, kirjoita meille (englanniksi) ehdotuksenne
  • French   Il n'y a actuellement aucun tutoriels pour Audacity 2.x en Français, veuillez nous écrire (en anglais) avec votre proposition
  • Italian   Non ci sono attualmente nessun tutorial per Audacity 2. x in italiano, si prega di scrivere a noi (in inglese) con la vostra proposta
  • Dutch   Er zijn momenteel geen tutorials voor Audacity 2.x in het Nederlands, schrijf dan naar ons (in het Engels) met uw voorstel
  • Brazilian Portuguese   Não existem atualmente tutoriais para Audacity 2. x em Português do Brasil, por favor escreva-nos (em inglês) com a sua proposta
  • Russian   Есть в настоящее время не учебники для Audacity 2.x на русском языке, пожалуйста, напишите нам (на английском языке) с вашим предложением
  • Swedish   Det finns för närvarande ingen tutorials för Audacity 2.x på Svenska, skriv gärna till oss (på engelska) med ert förslag
  • Vietnamese   Hiện có không có hướng dẫn cho Audacity 2.x bằng tiếng Việt, xin vui lòng viết thư cho chúng tôi (bằng tiếng Anh) với đề xuất của bạn