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Downloadable Music

Many visitors to this site type the word 'music' into the search box. We think they are looking for music that they can download. They might like to visit the Created Using Audacity page. This has a collection of links to freely downloadable music that users have created with our Audacity program.

A selection of free loops, short audio samples and music albums is also available from the following sites.

MIDI Music

Some visitors may be expecting to use Audacity to help in composing music, using the computer keyboard for example to play individual notes. To do that you want a program that handles sound in Midi format. Midi has many advantages, but it cannot represent the full range of sound because it represents sounds only as individual 'notes'. Audacity is an audio editor and recorder. If you want to record sound and then add effects like an echo, or to cut paste and edit the sound then you can use Audacity.

More about Music

Music is a very broad topic. Wikipedia describes it as an "art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time". You might like to read the full Wikipedia article on Music . It has good sections on the history of composition and performance, and on technological and educational aspects of music.