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So you couldn't find what you were looking for?

Usual Recommendation

  • Try google and type in the words you were hoping for. If there is a peculiar error message, typing a key phrase from that message, possibly in quotes so that it gets treated as a phrase, may get you what you want.
  • The FAQ  answers frequently answered questions. It's a good place to start.
  • Our Tutorials cover a very wide range of common problems.

Some alternative Approaches

Some hard-to-classify pages

We'd like to have put many many more links on our front page, but that then makes it difficult to find the right section of the wiki. Here are some we had a hard time classifying:

Some Apparently 'Off Topic' Pages

  • VoxForge - A project to use Audacity to gather Creative Commons Audio.
  • Storm Botnet - Be aware of modern Malware.

In the Manual

These topics are covered in the manual  too, but we have slightly 'faster track' versions here on this wiki:

How do I...

These are mostly on the Tutorials and Tips pages. These are some of the most popular or important pages on this wiki.


Platform Specific





Miriads of Audio File Formats

More 'Beyond Audacity'

For Wiki Watchers


If you got here, you probably still haven't found what you were looking for.

  • Tell us how we can improve this wiki.