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Logo Proposal

We have been discussing new logo proposals.

There proposal is solely about the lettering used with the logo.

( Other proposals may separately address the headphones. )

This image illustrate a possibility for replacing the font with a sans font. The headphones have not been updated here.

Updated Logo Proposal

New Audacity sans-font proposal

Design Description

The 'venerable' serifed font has been replaced with a modern sans font, Signika semi-bold by Anna Giedryś.

Signika is described as "a sans-serif with a gentle character, developed for wayfinding, signage, and other media where clarity of information is required. It has a low contrast and tall x-height to improve readability of texts in small sizes as well as in large distances from the reader. Here it is being used 'condensed', i.e. with a tighter aspect ratio, a role in which it continues to work well, and in which fonts with lower x height would struggle."

The lettering in the logo has custom kerning, to prompt the reader to read the name as au-dacity rather than as auda-city. The blue-black grade is tilted, making the initial 'A' be bluer and the final 'y' to be blacker than otherwise. This helps connect with the shadows on the headphones without using a 3D shadow effect. This transitions the logo towards the simplicity and flatness of a more modern look, promoting a future flatter design for the headphones too - which we liked with ChrisF's design. The required (R) symbol is in a dark shade of blue. Black would jar in this position. Using this blue that is darker than its position raised above the right arm of the y would dictate helps the (R) to stand out.

Note that Audacity also intends to update the 'venerable tome' used on the wiki in the logo for the manual to use a modern flatter pictogram. The change to a sans font in the logo is thus a coordinated part of modernizing the look.


The original logo proposal received the following feedback from Audacity developers and users :

From Developers and QA

  • James - March 29, 2017
    • I like the font, and think it works better with the 3D headphones than the previous font did. A big plus is that the font is good out of the box. The font itself does not need to be tweaked to work. The (R) symbol is fine in its current shade. I can see this design as an intermediate step. We can get an immediate update to a good sans-serif font, and later get a further step forward that updates both headphones and font, possibly with completely custom logo lettering.

  • Peter 29Mar17: +1 ... I really like this font without the serif's, I like the fade-to-dark - and I like retaining the current logo, or a closely evolved relative of it, which has excellent brand-recognition world-wide.

    I recall a reserch conversation a while back with a very experienced marketing manager friend whose husband was/is and Audacity user. Her advice was to retain the logo for its brand recognition value but definitely to modernize the typeface.

    • Peter 29Mar17 later: I just showed this to my "mystery shopper" and she really liked it.
  • Gale 29Mar17: An obvious improvement, if it is now OK to increment improvements. On specifics I question the curly "i" with huge dot (it would kind of suggest a microphone, if not for the curl) and the "d" being taller than the capital "A". Later: It seems more obvious with this font, that the logo is too large for the text, or the text too small for the logo.
  • Martyn 30th March 2017: I like it. Much better than the current font.

    I think the entire steps to reproduce using FOSS software should be detailed / files posted as things like 'custom kerning' and 'condensed' would need details for anybody following up.

  • Vaughan 30th March 2017: +1.

    And +1 to incremental improvements as a way to move forward.

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