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Code going into 2.1.1

This is a notes page to help us in preparing the announcement for 2.1.1. It might also help with highlighting areas needing more test focus.

Headline Features

  • Much much faster with larger projects, thanks to a faster method for storing the autorecovery file.
  • Scrubbing (link to the manual for details), including backwards play.
  • Small speed ups on spectrogram enabling a new 'spectral refinement' feature that gives crisper spectrograms. This option is particularly suitable for voice work.
  • RT preview feature extended to some built in effects.
  • Upgraded to Nyquist 3.0.9 (benefits??)
  • More VI usability enhancements (track focus)
  • Crash report integration

Bugs Addressed

These probably won't be reported on individually.

  • Parameters that weren't configurable in chains now fixed.
  • Meter refresh fixed
  • 882: memory leaks and orphans
  • 886: Some missing translations now fixed.
  • 881: Swapped status messages.
  • 897: Time ruler redrawn.
  • memory leak in noise reduction
  • 819: Paste mutates clipboard
  • 830: Paste destroys envelopes in clipboard.
  • 859: Play cursor.
  • 828: Crash in contrast.
  • 812: vertical scrollbar positions.
  • Enh809: Spectral selection persists.

(Probably) Not reported on

  • ESC can now abort vertical ruler zooming.
  • Travis integration.
  • Count-down diags and performance logging.
  • Revision ID now in build-info-window.
  • Moved to git (= more developers helping).
  • Some progress on wx3 support (and 902: clearer announcement we don't support it yet!).