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Nyquist is a programming language for audio synthesis and analysis written by Roger B. Dannenberg. A number of Audacity's built-in effects and tools are written in Nyquist.
This page is intended primarily for people that wish to write Nyquist plug-ins or gain an insight into how Nyquist is used in Audacity. For users that only want to download Nyquist plug-ins please see this page.

Recommended Reading

Start Here

Essential Reference

Index of Nyquist pages on the Wiki

Nyquist Documentation

XLisp and Lisp Documentation

Nyquist pages on the main Audacity website

  • Nyquist - Audacity Nyquist documentation on main Audacity website

Download Nyquist plug-ins

  • Download Nyquist Plugins - Collection of fully tested Nyquist plug-ins
  • New plug-ins - New plug-ins submitted on the Audacity forum (these plug-ins may not be fully functional)
  • Plugin Archive - Archive of plug-ins and related discussions on the Audacity forum (for reference only)


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