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Free Audio Programs for Mac OS X

  • BetterSound , an improved Audio system preference pane. (Which crashed my System Preferences in Mac OS X 10.3.4...)
  • Audio Recorder is a nice, simple audio recording application good for the long haul.
  • GarageBand - Apple's brand-new tool for recording and mixing music. Features software instruments, good effects, lots of built-in loops, and an incredibly easy-to-use interface, but has only very limited editing of either audio or MIDI. See AudacityVsGarageBand for a review and some differences between the two. (This is listed as free because it comes with all new Macs. For everyone else it's $49 as part of iLife, which is still an incredibly good deal; if you use iPhoto, the $49 is worth it alone just for the new iPhoto.)
  • AudioTools and YAAC - free tools for pitch and frequency converters, a metronome and tools for working with the harmonic series, along with batch conversion between aiff, au, avr, cdr, cvs, dat, flac, mp3, ogg, sf, smp, snd, wav, raw, and 8svx. A great complement to Audacity, which already supports a lot of formats but doesn't have any batch-conversion options.
  • Final Vinyl - Free, closed-source recording software for users of Griffin Technology products. Basically, Final Vinyl exists so you can easily record your old LPs into your Mac through your iMic. It even has an RIAA EQ switch. Other uses are obvious. But: It only works if you have Griffin's iMic or PowerWave plugged in to your USB port.

Shareware / Commercial Audio Programs for Mac OS X

  • Amadeus II - shareware audio editor, supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AIFF, VST Plugins.
  • Intuem originally focused on MIDI, but now has both MIDI and Audio features. Very Mac-like interface
  • Audiocorder - good for long recordings, VOX, or scheduled recordings
  • Jasmine Audio - shareware audio editor, mixer, and file converter. Supports QuickTime audio files and scrubbing.
  • Deck/Peak - Deck is their multi-track recorder; Peak is their two-track mastering software. Powerful audio software for the audio professional.