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This page provides links to projects and products that are related in functionality to Audacity.

These are all Open Source projects, so the applications are all free to download and use and additionally the source code can be obtained.

Peter 15Dec16: There is no reciprocity, no quid pro quo, that I can ascertain on any of these sites that we link to. None of them sems to carry any link back to us nor even a mention of us.
  • Part of the problem with listing links like these is that such pages require very regular maintenance to ensure that the links are stiil working and that the sites are still active and the projects/products maintained.

Other Open Source Audio Software

  • Mixxx is free cross-platform digital DJ mixing software with features like automatic BPM matching and seamless looping.
  • GramoFile is a free tool for capturing and cleaning recordings from vinyl records.
Peter 15Dec16: CDex Site looks up-to-date: "New stable version: CDex 1.81 released Fri, 04/22/2016"
  • Steve 18Dec16: Sadly it appears that CDex has become closed source bundle-ware. They have removed links to their source code from their website, and only now offer an "installer" version (no Zip version) for recent releases (and their website is packed with dubious adverts). I was not able to test a download from their website as none of the download links go to an actual download, but just cycle through advert laden pages.

Open Source Audio-Visual Software

  • Blender is a free, cross-platform 3D content creation suite for animations, interactive applications and video games.
  • VLC media player is a free, cross-platform media player for most audio and video files as well as DVD, Audio CD and VCD. VLC can also send, save and convert audio and video streams.
  • MediaInfo is a free, cross-platform tag and codec analyzer for audio and video files.

Video editing/capture

Other applications

See also these pages containing links to other related applications (these are not all open source and a few are non-free):