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This is a page of links to specialized, standalone Windows software that you might find useful in your audio work in addition to Audacity. The applications listed include tools for recording, sequencing, audio creation, extracting audio from video and file format conversion.


Exact Audio Copy. Rips wave files from CD. This is not Open Source, but it is freeware. It's reputed to be more accurate at ripping songs than other Open Source ripping software available.


Open source modular tracker for Windows, with VST/VSTi support. Great for creating drum beats, synthesizer work, etc. Recommended for people who don't mind learning a new way of writing electronic music. Not necessarily for the technologically impaired (this is a general rule for all trackers).

Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio™ is a freeware application for Windows supporting Windows 10/8/7, Windows XP and Vista . Designed for people who want to:

  • record music with MIDI and Audio equipment
  • compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment
  • Sequence music with MIDI equipment
  • play with music using a computer and soundcard.

There is a free version and a commercial version. The free version will not convert midi to .wav, but you can use another application to record the midi file to a .wav file as it plays, however it is not accessible for people using a screenreader, due to its design.

Other Open Source applications

See also this page with other Open Source (free to download and free to use) applications: