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(Listed User:Mpump for deletion as possible spam)
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==The following pages are listed for deletion:==
==The following pages are listed for deletion:==
*[[User talk:RichElswick‎]] - only used to send user a message - will be deleted 250807 if not used again
*[[User:]] - No such user; mistake, spam or graffiti? To be deleted 25 Aug '07 if not clarified.
*[[User:Mpump]] - Possibly spam. To be deleted 30 Aug '07 if not clarified.

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Please help us by reporting Wiki pages here that appear to be abandoned or redundant (for example, because it's a user or user talk page which has not been used for years, or because the content already appears elsewhere). Please make a short note by the name of the page giving the reasons why you think the page should be removed. Then we will review the page and decide if it should be deleted or retained, or if the content should be merged elsewhere.

If the page is currently spammed, registered users can follow the instructions on the Removing Spam page to either revert the page to its last healthy version, or to clear the page text if it's a newly created page. The administrators will normally see these pages and delete them, so they don't need to be reported here.

Note to administrators: When deleting pages listed below, please remember to check before deleting:

  • "What links here" in the Toolbox panel on the left, and then remove the links to the deleted page
  • The history tab of the page, for any content that should be merged elsewhere

Sample entry

Please make your entries into the list below look approximately like this:

  • HowAboutThis - Page orphaned and contains no valuable information.

(The page mentioned is a non-existing page, therefore the link shows in red.)

The following pages are listed for deletion: