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Please move the items that have been processed to "Done" and note the date. They can then be deleted after a while.

See also the essential website changes noted on Documentation Checklist which are needed for the 1.3.5 release and for the developer recruitment drive at the time of 1.4 release.


Suggested change

Insert after:

"See also: Why can't I play MIDI files?"

the following:

"How do I import a track from an audio CD?"

which is at 

Current text

"It is legal to sell Audacity, as long as the seller makes the program and source code available under the GNU General Public License.

Some vendors try to trick customers by selling the software under a different name. If you bought a product and later found out it was Audacity, we encourage you to ask for a refund or file a complaint if you feel you did not get a fair deal. We ask vendors to give proper credit to the Audacity project, and allow users to make an informed choice."

Suggested replacement

"It is legal to sell Audacity, as long as the seller makes our program and source code available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is also legal to sell Audacity under another name, although we strongly discourage this.

Sellers may also offer modified copies of Audacity, as long as they make their modified program and its source code available under the same GPL, and call the program something other than Audacity.

If you have purchased Audacity not knowing that it is free, or purchased a program that you later found out to be Audacity, we encourage you to work with the seller to ask for a refund. You can examine the text of the product listing to see if any guarantee is offered. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the seller, you can usually raise a dispute with the payment service provider (for example, Paypal or your credit card company).

We also encourage you to inform the seller if you have concerns that the source code was not offered with the product or that a copy of the GPL was not included. If they don't respond adequately, you might want to approach their internet registrar, internet service provider or their advertising sources. Practically, there is little the Audacity Team can do to chase GPL violators with our current volunteer resources, except in the case of a seller stealing the Audacity trademark."

Nyquist plug-ins page

The contents of this page are spasmodically being updated on the Wiki Download Nyquist Plug-ins page. When the update for new plug-ins/new versions is complete, the main site will still host the plug-in pages, zip files and MP3 clips, but the page itself on the main site will then be removed.

Other pages


Change needed: Should be completely updated then an automated system put in place to keep it updated.

Needs discussing

  • RA has suggested our License page: 
needs extending to make it clearer and to discuss examples of good and bad practice. GA suggests the page is already too long and would need summarising somehow with links to more detail.
  • Consider extending FAQs to include more real life how-tos, linked to articles in the Manual or Wiki