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ToDo Tell people where they can get free plug ins from.

Audacity can use three types of plug-in effects:

How do you use plug-ins with Audacity? Put plug-ins in the Audacity Plug-ins folder.

  • For Windows plug-ins are usually in C:\Program Files\Audacity\Plug-ins
  • For Mac OS X plug-ins can be found in Mac Hard Disk > Applications > Audacity > Plug-ins
  • For Linux plug-ins can be in
/usr/local/share/audacity/plug-ins or

On all platforms Audacity has built-in support for LADSPA plug-ins and Nyquist plug-ins.

Under Windows and Mac OS, The VST Enabler provides a LADSPA interface for VST plug-ins, so that Audacity can use them. Note that Windows VST plug-ins will only work under Windows; Classic Mac OS plug-ins will only under OS 9 and previous; and Mac OS Carbon plug-ins will only work under OS X.

For Developers

If you're interested in writing your own plug-ins, see "Creating your own Plug-in".