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Warning icon This page has been deprecated. Newer information can be found here:
The information on this page are likely out-of-date and will not be updated in the forseeable future. It may be removed at any time.
This page is an overview of the audio plug-in formats supported by Audacity.
Audacity has cross-platform support for LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist and Vamp plug-ins, and platform-specific support for VST and Audio Unit plug-ins.

Types of plug-in

Audacity can use the following types of plug-in effects:

How do you add plug-ins to Audacity?

See Installing Plug-ins in the Audacity Manual.

Free plug-in downloads


  • Audacity cannot yet apply effects to audio while it is playing or recording.
  • Real-time effects: Not all effects in Audacity can preview an effect while changing the parameters of the effect.
  • VST instrument (VSTi) plug-ins that generate sound are not supported. VST 3 plug-ins are not yet supported.

For Developers