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Starting with Audacity 1.3.1, there is a way for you to keep your preferences/settings with the program, rather than in a global place for user settings. It works as follows:

On startup, Audacity checks if there is a "Portable Settings" folder relative to the folder of the executable. If it is, it stores its settings there rather than in the user's home folder. Thus, a user can create a portable Audacity like follows:

  1. Unzip Audacity ZIP file to USB stick
  2. Create folder "Portable Settings" on USB stick

I tried to make it compatible with every platform, but I may be missing some #includes for Mac and Windows, so just add them, if it doesn't compile.

When no "Portable Settings" folder is present, Audacity now stores everything inside the Audacity Data folder:

  • Windows: something like "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\.audacity"
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/audacity
  • Unix: "~/.audacity-data"