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Additional possibilities:
Additional possibilities:
* Monty
* Monty
* Markus Meyer
* <s>Markus Meyer</s>

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The possible mentors for a Google Summer of Code project with Audacity are listed in the order of suitability for each project idea.

The table below gives some more information about the pool of mentors. As Audacity is multiplatform and as some mentors do not work on all platforms, the platform the student chooses to develop on may affect the choice of mentor.

Who Platforms Details
Chris Cannam VAMP plugins support
Dominic Mazzoni Mac, Linux and Windows. Project Founder
Federico Grau Linux, Windows Special interest in Audacity for Radio, Rivendell.
James Crook Windows only. Special interest in Audacity for Language Learners. Wrote industrial data logging version.
Leland Lucius Mac, Linux and Windows. Special interest in accessibility. Develops on all three platforms.
Martyn Shaw Windows only Interested in signal processing. Added 'Graphic EQ' to Equalizer, amongst other things.
Richard Ash Linux focus on audacity's libraries and audio processing code
Roger Dannenberg co-designer of Audacity and creator of Nyquist
Vaughan Johnson Windows Contributed effects, timer record feature, and several Audacity variants (e.g., karaoke/mixer version and digital stethoscope version).
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Additional possibilities:

  • Monty
  • Markus Meyer