Proposal Crossfade

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FIXME: draft place holder...

  • target goal
    • bring in pieces from proposal
    • bring in pieces from audacity gsoc ideas page
    • bring in pieces from audacity-devel discussion
    • half way target deliverables
    • end of summer deliverables
  • proposal
    • draft gui images
      • zoomed in view
      • zoomed out view
    • define keystrokes and behavior
    • define mouse behavior
    • undo-stack
    • stereo track support
      • display different from mono tracks
    • crossfade type:
      • constant amplitude cross-fade
      • constant sum power cross-fade
      • fade-out-and-back-again "crossfade"
      • picker for fade type
    • presets / repeat effect (having done one cross fade,
   do the next one with the same 'parameters')
    • files/classes affected
      • planned changes to affected files

  • possible optional extensions
    • fade in/out with out another clip